Two more local employers join the Living Wage movement:

Ashley Maids, Hardpressed Print Studio pledge to provide a living wage in Saskatoon


The community of Living Wage Employers in Saskatoon continues to grow, with Ashley Maids and Hardpressed Print Studio committing to provide a living wage. Certified by the Living Wage YXE campaign, Saskatoon’s six Living Wage Employers are helping to reduce poverty in our city by paying the 2016 living wage of $16.68.

For Jessica Bennett, owner of Ashley Maids, there is a strong business case justification for joining Living Wage YXE. Providing a living wage has resulted in drastically reduced staff turnover, lower training costs, and higher employee morale. “I would never revert back to paying low wages again,” says Bennett.

Whitney Thomson, co-owner of Hardpressed Print Studio, also believes in the business case behind paying a living wage. In addition, Thomson explains that paying a living wage “represents our desire to give back to the community that we are a part of.”

Saskatoon’s living wage is determined by a calculation used across Canada to describe the cost of living in a specific area. Necessities like food, shelter, child care, and transportation are all included, while extras like vacation spending are left out. This approach generates a wage which allows for a family to live a healthy and secure life.

Living Wage YXE is eager to work with employers who want to learn how their wage and benefits packages can be tailored to meet the standard of a Living Wage Employer. 


 Smart business owners know that their success depends on the success of their team.



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