The Better Good

"We value our employees and want our staff team to feel appreciated for what they do.  We want the folks working for us to be able to live comfortably, enjoying the living standards that we ourselves enjoy as business owners.  Paying below a living wage does not align with our values."

Laura Neufeld



"United Way believes that each and every person in our community should have the opportunity to thrive.  When a worker earns what they need to support themselves and their families, we are building stronger individuals, stronger families and ultimately a stronger community. Paying a living wage is an important for encouraging sustainable change and building a resilient community and we want to lead by example."

Jocelyn Zurakowski



"Our employees are an essential part of our team. We want to attract and retain quality staff and make it possible for them to live healthy lives and succeed in our community." 

Jennifer Friedt


Shift Development

"Our mission is to actively build the community in which we want to live. Like the other employers participating in this program, we believe that the people we work with deserve to be paid well for the work that they do, and shouldn’t have to worry about having their basic needs met. Ensuring the people who work here are well looked after enables them to focus their energy on making Saskatoon a better place to live!"

Stephanie Rarog


Hardpressed Print Studio

"It is important to us that our business practices represent our desire to give back to the community that we are a part of. Paying our staff is consistent with this idea and the concept of treating our staff like we would our family. It also benefits us from a business perspective as our staff are very dedicated and hardworking because they feel appreciated and valued."

Whitney Thomson



"A living wage provided a better quality of life for not only the staff but myself, the owner. The time and money I have saved not training, interviewing, and paying for hiring ads is amazing. It is also quite nice when my staff add me on Facebook and I see they and their kids have a good quality of life. I would never revert back to paying low wages."

Jessica Bennett



"Paying an employee what they're worth helps create a positive work environment and helps reduce employee turnover."

Michal & Brigit Willfong



"We believe that it is our corporate responsibility to pay a living wage. By paying a living wage we are investing in our staff and our community and setting ourselves apart from other employers.  Weyburn Credit Union is “Different by Design,” and by being Weyburn’s first Living Wage Employer we hope we can inspire other employers to follow in our footsteps."

Ashley Betker



"aodbt is committed to enhancing the communities we work in and the people we collaborate with. We also want to ensure our employees are paid well in order to build a healthier quality of life for themselves and their families."

Louis Aussant



"Diamond North Credit Union is a strong supporter of paying fair wages to our employees. Becoming a Living Wage Employer allows us to show our communities that we are committed to the financial success of our employees and their families."

Cris Richer

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